Tips to Get Healthy, Fit and Toned in 2016

The New Year is coming up and we all know what that means! Resolutions. Time to make a change. Changes are important in our lives because if we stayed the same person forever, we wouldn’t grow as an individual in different areas of our lives. When it comes to health, this is such an huge aspect of our lives that I believe needs to be more of a priority.  It isn’t just about working out or eating healthy, it’s the important task of taking care of your body, mind and spirit in order to live a happy and healthy life. What we put into our bodies is what we get out of them.

The reason I write this blog is to get you excited about working out and eating healthy this new year! The reason I write is because I wish I would have known these things so many years ago and actually put them into practice! The past few months, I’ve made some lifestyle changes that I am about to share that have significantly impacted my health and fitness. I can 100% say without a doubt that I feel the best I EVER have.

1. It’s All About What You Eat

Tip #1: Learn what you are putting in your body

One of the biggest things I’ve been learning is that I should actually know what I’m putting in my body. I never used to look at the nutrition facts because as long as I was working out and eating decently healthy, I wasn’t going to obsess over the sugar or calories on the package. Years later, I realized I wasn’t being nearly as healthy as I thought and was consuming way over my limit of my daily calorie intake. The calories weren’t the biggest issue, it was the fact that I wasn’t getting enough nutrients and consuming too much sugar and fat.

Tip #2: EAT AT HOME, cut meals in half, and try meal prepping!

Your grocery runs are key! They are the determining factor of what you’ll eat for the next few weeks and will also determine how often you eat out or drive through somewhere. Before you go to the store, make a list or have an idea of what you need to help you with discipline if you are anything like me. If you need a few ideas on key grocery items, here is my typical list of basic items that you can make different meals with:

  • Breakfast *Don’t skip it*: eggs, turkey bacon, avocado, spinach
  • Snack: almonds, apples, almond butter, boiled eggs, Quest bars
  • Lunch: tuna, spinach, avocado, oven-roasted turkey, dark rye bread
  • Dinner: frozen chicken, vegetables (spaghetti squash, brussel sprouts, artichoke, spinach) ground turkey/turkey burgers, lentils or any beans

Cutting our portions in half will make a dramatic difference in our calorie intake. We also may not need as much food as we may normally eat. Meal prepping is also extremely beneficial if you are tempted or feel like you have no other option than eating out. On a Sunday night, whip up a bunch of protein and greens and put them in containers to eat for the coming week’s breakfast, lunch or dinners depending on the meals you aren’t able to eat at home.

Tip #3 Drink water all day long!

I’d really encourage anyone and everyone to start regularly carrying a water bottle with you everywhere you go. Keep it with you and re-fill it all day. This will be nothing but beneficial towards your body and will make you feel so great. I used to have a habit of getting a big coca-cola just about every day. There was nothing in that soda that did anything good inside my body. Since I’ve stopped regularly drinking coke (I still definitely treat myself because I believe in enjoying things you love), my energy is fantastic. You can still get your caffeine in other ways, but that extra sugar drink taken out of our diets will be transformational.

2. All things EXERCISE

Tip #4: Make Exercise a Priority

Exercise isn’t just beneficial to our physical health, it plays a big part in our emotional, mental and spiritual health as well. The hardest part is making time and staying consistent, right? I get that. If you have a busy life, I’d highly recommend to try working out in the morning! Lately if I don’t workout in the morning, I find a million excuses after work or convince myself I’m too tired to get my butt to the gym. If you believe you CAN’T wake up early to workout, I will have to argue with you that you can because I am not a morning person but I can do it! Mornings create consistency whereas we always find something else to do later in the day. If you find consistency at night workouts, then absolutely stick with night workouts. Set a goal for how many times a week you’d like to exercise, even if you have just 15-30 minutes.

Tip #5: Find a workout plan, and stick to it. Find something that works with your schedule and lifestyle.

Do you want to burn excess fat and get toned? I really recommend that you try Kayla Itsines Beach Body Guides (if you are a lady). It requires only 30 minutes 5-6 days a week and millions of ladies are seeing ridiculously amazing results including myself. Her workouts incorporate both strength-based, plyometric exercises and cardio which I didn’t realize were SO important to becoming toned and losing fat. I lost 10 pounds in just three months and now I feel fit, toned and confident and most of all, healthy. If you are the slightest bit interested, please message me and ask me more.  Kayla has transformed my view of nutrition and exercise and has inspired me to share these tips with you.


If you don’t start training with Kayla Itsines, find something you love and stick with it! Grab a friend and ask him or her if you want to start doing something together. Start running the trails. Join a gym (LA Fitness is only $30 a month). Start going to spin class or spin gym. Train for a marathon or triathlon. Cross fit? Buy a yoga mat and weights. Borrow your friends P90X videos or turbo kickboxing videos. Take that one step to try something new and different to spice up your life. You just might love it and even find a great community doing what you love!

Tip 6: Burning Fat through Cardio

For years I used to run! I really did enjoy it, but I never saw too many results or improvement. I never set goals to run further or faster either. I stayed the consistent weight and tone. Kayla Itstines started teaching me about cardio and boom…my cardio started bringing results and burning fat like they should be doing! I just wasn’t running right.

Start doing HIIT cardio and/or LISS cardio. This article explains it much better than I can. But if you don’t want to read that, here’s the gist…

HIIT Cardio (High Intensity Interval Training): This literally takes 10-15 minutes on a treadmill or bike and you’ll burn fat in no time. We all have 15 minutes to spare! Turn the treadmill on one of the highest speeds you are able to sprint, set the time for 15 minutes, sprint for 30 seconds, then hop off the side of the treadmill and wait 30 seconds, then hop back on and sprint for another 30 seconds. Do this until 15 minutes is up. You’ll sweat your face off and then you’re done for the day! The beauty of HIIT is that you are burning fat not only during but also after your workout for hours! Your metabolism will start changing (read that article), isn’t that crazy? I have learned to LOVE HIIT Cardio. Warning: You’ll want to eat everything you see and you also shouldn’t do this for all your cardio because it’s hard on your joints!

LISS Cardio (Low Intensity Steady State Cardio) Hop on a bike, elliptical, treadmill, trail, stair master for 35-45 minutes at a steady pace. When I do this, I power walk! I have actually stopped running in general because I have seen so much benefit in HIIT and LISS! Burning calories feels good and you’ll actually see results!

These are just the main things that I was excited to share with you all. I hope you can take at least something from these tips so you can feel and look amazing!